Our staff

Teaching Staff

Steven Ablett (Mr)

Lead in Humanities Head of History/Geography, Teacher of History

Kalim Afzal (Mr)

Assistant Head DT, Teacher of DT

Janaid Ahmed (Mr)

Teacher of Science

Zarina Ahmed (Miss)

Head of RE, Teacher of RE

Eva Akesson (Miss)

Teacher of Art and Design

Tamera Akhtar (Mrs)

2 i/c Maths, Teacher of Mathematics

Usman Amjad (Mr)

Head of Year 8, Teacher of Science

Helen Bates (Mrs)

2 i/c Maths, Teacher of Mathematics

Martin Bendall (Mr)

Head of Data, Teacher of Science

Emma Blyth (Miss)

Teacher of English

Iona Boyle (Miss)

Assistant Head of Science, Teacher of Science

Halima Bulsari (Mrs)

Teacher of Mathematics

Jessica Burness (Miss)

Teacher of English

Azhar Butt (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Susan Campbell (Mrs)

Teacher of History

Jessica Clasper (Mrs)

Assistant Head of IN

Tait Coles (Mr)

(Group Assistant Principal - Head of Secondary ITT), Teacher of Science

Barry Cowperthwaite (Mr)

Head of Year 13, Teacher of Languages,

Ramender Crompton (Mrs)

Head of English Department, Teacher of English

Hannah Curzon (Miss)

Teacher of English

Phil Davis (Mr)

Dixons Group Link Tutor and Lead School Coordinator, Teacher of Geography

Rob Day (Mr)

Head of Year 10, Teacher of PE

Jonathan Dean (Mr)

Teacher of Health & Social Care, Drugs Peer Co-ordinator

Rebecca Eggett (Miss)

Teacher of RE/Sociology, Head of Year 12

Jayne Everiss (Miss)

Head of Art, Teacher of Art & Design

Craig Fawell (Mr)

Teacher of Design Technology

Karl Fischer(Mr)

Teacher of Science KMF

Rachel Garvey (Miss)

Teacher of Spanish

David Gropper (Mr)

Senior Tutor Maths & Post 16, Teacher of Mathematics

Doug Hart (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Amy Higgins (Mrs)

Head of Design Technology

Vincent Holdsworth (Mr)

Leader of Science

Aisha Hussain (Miss)

Teacher of Spanish

Misba Hussain (Miss)

Teacher of ICT

Christopher Ignatowski (Mr)

Second in PE, Teacher of PE

Polly Johnston (Miss)

Teacher of Drama

Stephanie Jordon (Mrs)

Teacher of DT

Ben Karlin (Mr)

Teacher of English, Lead Teacher for G&T English

Manjit Kaur (Mrs)

Progress Leader in Science

Judith Kidd (Ms)

(Group Vice Principal) Teacher of History

Emma King (Miss)

Assistant Head of English, Teacher of English

Asma Laher (Miss)

Assistant Head of FBI Faculty, Teacher of Business and Finance

Heather Langton (Miss)

Teacher of PE

Thomas Lorryman (Mr)

Teacher of Science

Dawn Lowther (Dr)

Head of Music, Teacher of Music

Krystine McAvan (Ms)

Head of FBI Faculty

Aneela Mahmood (Mrs)

Teacher of English

Moira Mattingley- Nunn

Teacher of DT

Sanam Mir (Miss)

Assistant Head of Science, Teacher of Science

Isabella Mullins (Mrs)

Teacher of Psychology

Samera Naaz (Miss)

Assistant Head of FBI Faculty, Teacher of Business and Finance

Sairah Omar (Mrs)

Teacher of Science

Ashleigh Page (Miss)

Teacher of Law/Geog, HoY 7

Sophie Parrish (Miss)

Teacher of PE

James Riach (Mr)

Teacher of English

Rameesha Riasat (Miss)

Teacher of Science

Kyran Siddique (Miss)

Teacher of RE

Kevin Simpson (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Mohammed Sakib Saleem (Mr)

Teacher of History (Maternity Cover)

Deborah Smith (Miss)

Teacher of Mathematics

Jacob Sparks (Mr)

HoY 9, Assistant Head of Languages, Teacher of Spanish

Emma Spafford (Miss)

Head of Mathematics

Victoria Speed (Mrs)

Assistant Head of Geography, Teacher of Geography

Christopher Thacker (Mr)

Teacher of Maths, HoY 11

Rosemary Tooke (Miss)

Teacher of History RCT

Aileen Whiteley (Mrs)

Teacher of English

Jonathan Yale (Mr)

Head of PE, Teacher of PE

Stephen Bradnum (Mr)

Peri Music Teacher

Dave Brons (Mr)

Peri Music Teacher

Jane Bryan (Mrs)

Peri Music Teacher

Anna Hamilton (Mrs)

Peri Music Teacher

Mark Lewalski (Mr)

Peri Music Teacher

Aaron Newland-Bentley

Peri Music Teacher

Alison Rignall (Mrs)

Peri Music Teacher

Richard Quarmby (Mr)

Peri Music Teacher

Eleanor Tebay

Peri Dance Tutor

Associate Staff

Clare McCarthy

Operations and Business Manager

Michael Abbott (Mr)

Behaviour Support Worker/Learning Support Assistant

Samantha Allen (Mrs)

PA to the Principal & Cover Coordinator

Waqas Arshad (Mr)

Cover Supervisor

Helen Bakes (Mrs)

Senior Administrator

John Barraclough (Mr)


Wendy Beaumont (Mrs)

Senior Administrator

Sophie Blackburn (Miss)

Learning Support Assistant

Nicola Botka (Miss)

Home Link Officer

Lauren Brennan (Miss)

Senior Data Administrator

Shabnam Butt (Mrs)

Learning Support Assistant

Andy Cairns (Mr)

Multimedia Manager (Group)

Janine Coupe (Mrs)

Post 16 Administrator

Sarah Cowley (Mrs)

Library Services Lead

Sam Currie (Mr)

Site Manager (Group)

John Driscoll (Mr)

DT Technician

Sharon Fleming (Ms)


Laura Fletcher (Miss)

HR Administrator

Joshua Freeman (Mr)

Performing Arts Technician

Vanessa Hunt (Ms)

Administration Services Manager

Sabrina Hussain (Miss)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Eesa Iqbal (Mr)

Behaviour Support Worker

Rhys Kittsen (Mr)


Raadhiyah Khan (Miss)

Pastoral & Admin Support Apprentice

Christopher Lamming (Mr)

Science Technician

Carla Mallett (Miss)

Senior Pastoral Manager/ Behavoiur & Attendance

Jenny Markland (Mrs)

Academy Nurse

Susan May (Mrs)

Examinations Officer

Bhavika Mistry (Mrs)

Science Technician

Elizabeth Milner (Mrs)

Art Technician

Debbie Moore (Mrs)

Science Technician / Receptionist

Julie Morgan (Mrs)

IN Manager

Julie Myers (Mrs)

Individual Needs Facilitator

Mubasher Naeem (Mr)

Cover Supervisor

Janet Nulty (Mrs)

Data Administrator

Lynda Overend (Miss)

Reprographics Supervisor

Mohammed Qasim (Mr)

Learning support assistant

Graeme Turpin (Mr)

Senior DT Technician

Fakra Wahid (Miss)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant / Behaviour Support

Margaret Walker (Mrs)

Learning Support Assistant

Katarzyna Wysocka (Mrs)

Reprographics Assistant

Halima Zaman (Miss)

Learning Support Assistant

Cleaning Team

Donna Clark (Mrs)

Cleaning Manager

Mussarat Ahmed(Mrs)


Shaista Azhar (Ms)


Zahida Begum (Mrs)


Janet Broadbent (Ms)


Clare Brunt


Brenda Dyke


Kath Greetham


Adam Jesionowski (Mr)


Juraj Koncek


Anita Midgley (Ms)


Ian Midgley (Mr)


Albert Mitchell (Mr)


Pierina Mitchell (Mrs)


Melissa Oakley(Miss)


Brenda Pinder (Ms)


Sharon Pinder


Isma Raja (Mrs)


Lavdije Shala (Ms)


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