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Dixons City Academy

Our staff

Teaching Staff

Senior Management

Michael Feely (Mr)


Joanne Orton (Mrs)

Senior Vice Principal, Student Progress and Engagement

Matthew Sanderson (Mr)

Vice Principal, Ethos and Aspiration

Lucy Hall (Mrs)

Assistant Principal, Pastoral and HOY 11

Krystine McAvan (Ms)

Assistant Principal, Data, Assessments and Planning

Jonathon Yale (Mr)

Assistant Principal, Staff Development

Vincent Holdsworth (Mr)

Assistant Principal, Curriculum

Ramender Crompton (Mrs)

Assistant Principal, Curriculum

Ian Radcliffe (Mr)

Assistant Principal, Personal Performance


Steven Ablett (Mr)

Teacher of History

Afroze Asif (Miss)

Teacher of English

Janaid Ahmed (Mr)

Head of Science

Sadiya Ahmed (Miss)

Teacher of Science

Zarina Ahmed (Miss)

Head of RE, Teacher of RE [On Leave]

Shoukat Ali (Mr)Teacher of IT (Supply)

Eva Akesson (Miss)

Teacher of Art and Design [On Leave]

Helen Bates (Mrs)

Teacher of Mathematics

Harry Brown (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Oliver Bull (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Azhar Butt (Mr)

Teacher of Mathematics

Rebecca De Lima Araujo (Miss)

Trainee Teacher of English

Jayne Everiss (Ms)

Head of Art, Teacher of Art & Design

Craig Fawell (Mr)

Head of DT

Natalie Firth ( Miss)

Acting Head of Geography

Sarah Foltier (Mrs)


Rachel Garvey (Miss)

Teacher of Spanish

Harrison Hirst (Mr)Teacher of Art (Maternity Cover)

Tim Hargreaves (Mr)

Teacher of DT

Maimoonah Hanif (Miss)

Assistant Head of English

Jonny Hudson (Mr)

Teacher of English (Mat Cover)

Misba Hussain (Miss)

Acting Head of IT, Teacher of ICT

Christopher Ignatowski (Mr)

Head of PE, Teacher of PE

Hollie Jackson (Mrs)

Teacher of English

Zebun Javed (Mrs)

Teacher of English

Jimi Jibodu (Mr)Assistant Head of Mathematics

Polly Johnston (Ms)

Head of Drama

Richard Jones (Mr)

Head of Year 9, Teacher of PE

Aneesha Khan (Miss)

Teacher of Science

Kyran Khan (Mrs)

Teacher of RE

Molly Kemp (Miss)

Teacher of Mathematics

Heather Langton (Miss)

Teacher of PE

Thomas Lorryman (Mr)

Teacher of Science

Dawn Lowther (Dr)

Head of Music, Teacher of Music

Maryam Lunat (Miss)

Teacher of Science

Faatimah Mayat (Miss)

Teacher of English

Sanam Mir (Miss)

Assistant Head of Science, Teacher of Science [On Leave]

Sofiyah Moughal (Miss)

Teacher of DT

Samera Naaz Mason (Mrs)

Head of Year 11, Teacher of Science

Sophie Parrish (Miss)

Assistant Head of PE, Teacher of PE

Tamsin Rafnsson (Mrs)

Group Director of Music

Natasha Raheem (Ms)

Teacher of English

Rebecca Richardson (Miss)

Acting Head of History

Ben Ricketts (Mr)

Teacher of PE

Ellie Rika (Miss)

Teacher of English

Zoe Panayoiti (Miss)

Head of Year 7, Teacher of Geography

Musa Patel (Mr)

Teacher of Science

Mohammed Qasim (Mr)

Teacher of Science

Luke Sandland (Mr)

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Kevin Simpson (Mr

Teacher of Mathematics

Jacob Sparks (Mr)

Head of Year 8, Teacher of Spanish

Emma Spafford (Miss)

Head of Mathematics

Joshua Stone (Mr)

Teacher of History

Samia Syeda (Mrs)

Acting Head of RE

Christopher Thacker (Mr)

Head of Year 10, Teacher of Mathematics

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Stephen Bradnum (Mr)


Dave Brons (Mr)

Guitar and Bass

Jane Bryan (Mrs)

Flute and Keyboard, Music Theory

Tom Durrans (Mr)

Drums and Percussion

Alyson Eastwood (Mrs)


David Hogan (Mr)

Clarinet and Woodwind

Anna Hamilton (Mrs)

Saxophone and Woodwind

Beth Gregory (Miss)


Kosmas Koustoulos (Mr)

Piano and Keyboard

Alison Rignall (Mrs)


Support Staff

Alia Zafar (Miss)

Operations and Business Manager

Kalim Afzal (Mr)

DT Technician

Tom Balaam (Mr)

Librarian and Literacy Tutor

Sophie Blackburn (Miss)

IN Tutor

Tori Braithwaite-Hamilton (Miss)Assistant Head of Year 8
Kirsty BrooksIN Tutor

Lauren Dawson (Mrs)

Senior Data Administrator

Hayley Crossland (Mrs)

Exams Officer and Planning Manger

Sharon Fleming (Ms)

Receptionist (AM)

Laura Fletcher (Miss)

PA to the Principal & HR Administrator

Alyssa Gutman (Miss)

Admin Support

Phil Dickinson (Mr)

Performing Arts Technician

Bethany Holmes (Miss)Office Manager

Sabrina Hussain (Miss)

IN Tutor

Rebecca Illingworth (Miss)School Nurse

Sabeena Kausur (Miss)

Assistant Head of Year 9

R. Khan (Miss)

Senior Administrator

Afsari Madre (Mrs)Assistant Head of Year 10

Carla Mallett (Miss)

Senior Pastoral Manager, Assistant Head of Year 11

Adela Manola (Miss)IN Tutor
Paige McDougall (Miss)IN Support

Bhavika Mistry (Mrs)

Senior Science Technician

Charlie Miller (Mr)

IN Tutor

Mark Phillipson (Mr)

Art Technician

Katie Moore (Miss)

IN Tutor

Kim Morley (Miss)

Academy Counsellor

Michael Wardle (Mr)

Cover Supervisor

Stephanie Warner (Mrs)

Assistant Head of Year 7

Cleaning Staff

Donna Clark (Mrs)

Cleaning Manager

Najma Begum (Mrs)


Clare Brunt (Miss)


Kirsty Caruana (Miss)Cleaner

Brenda Dyke (Mrs)


Anita Midgley (Ms)


Ian Midgley (Mr)


Melissa Oakley(Miss)


Khalida Parveen (Mrs)


Helen Patel (Mrs)Cleaner

Brenda Pinder (Ms


Sharon Pinder (Miss)


Isma Raja (Mrs)


Lavdije Shala (Ms)


Lipia Samad (Ms)


Catering Staff

Joe Welch (Mr)

Executive Chef (Trust)

Tony Robinson

Executive Manager (Trust)

Gareth Wood (Mr)

Kitchen Manger

Wendy Pelan (Mrs)

Kitchen Assistant

Zenab Ali (Mrs)Kitchen Assistant

Clare Brunt (Mrs)

Kitchen Assistant

Michelle Sankey (Miss)

Kitchen Assistant

Leanne Braithwaite (Miss)

Kitchen Assistant

Karen Stennett (Miss)

Kitchen Assistant

Shagufta Tabassum (Mrs)Kitchen Assistant

Iram Bisharat (Mrs)

Kitchen Assistant