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time cap
In celebration of our 25 year anniversary Year 10 students have today buried a time-capsule which will be opened in 25 years’ time. when Dixons celebrates its 50th! Each Form Group has chosen an item to go in to the capsule which they think best shows life as a Dixons student in 2016. The items include a student planner, photographs and videos of students and post cards explaining what life is like for teenagers today.

ed against hatePlease see attached the Department for Education's new website, Educate Against Hate.  It provides practical advice aimed at parents, teachers and schools on protecting children from extremism, radicalisation and building resilience. 

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Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

Dixons City Academy is a centre of educational excellence serving the whole community of Bradford. Our students meet and work together in a well-ordered, harmonious and happy community drawn from all cultures and backgrounds across the city. We believe that our students have a key role to play in the economic development and social regeneration of our city in the next decade and beyond.

I am very proud to be the Principal of Dixons City Academy and have a healthy respect for its past as well as a keen eye on the present and the future.

Shirley Watson