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Dixons City Academy

We will close to all students at 12:30pm on the final day of term – Thursday 18 July

Dungeons and Dragons at Dixons City!

Posted 19th June 2024 by Mr. T. Balaam

Dixons City students meet every Thursday after school to participate in the table-top role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Players take on the roles of heroes whilst one player is the Dungeon Master and in charge of it all. Using multi-sided dice, players take part in a shared story-telling adventure, battling monsters, gaining treasure and growing ever-more powerful. The Dungeon Master oversees the whole proceedings.

But on top of this, the players are developing their public speaking, planning and problem-solving skills. They have practiced turn-taking, teamwork and developed tenacity. They have also shown creativity, critical thinking and courage. And to top it all, it’s an opportunity for students to have fun and create something together.

In the words of one DCA Superhero, ‘I came for the friendships, fun and crazy adventures!’