Nicola Cunningham


Assistant Principal - Individual Needs

Nicola has been teaching for over 20 years and took up post as Assistant Principal for Individual Needs at Dixons City Academy in August 2016.  She has worked in primary, middle and secondary schools in Bradford, Halifax and Wakefield.   In previous schools she has been Head of House, Head of Year, Key Stage Leader and this is her third school leading on providing support for vulnerable learners.   Nicola holds the National Award for SEND and is also qualified as Designated Safeguarding Lead and named teacher for Looked After Children.

Nicola is committed to ensuring that those who face additional challenges to learning are supported to overcome them in order to achieve their potential and play a positive and productive part in the life of their communities.  She is very proud to work as part of a hugely inclusive school where the individual merits of each child are valued and nurtured.  Using her primary background, Nicola teaches the most vulnerable learners in a range of different subjects including Science, History, Geography and Maths.