Anti Bullying at Dixons City

Anti-Bullying at Dixons City

Back in November our students drove an extremely powerful anti-bullying campaign across Dixons City Academy. Using the national mantra of ‘Power for Good’  the student focus group were passionate about showcasing our school community’s thoughts about bullying and the negative impact it can have on individuals .  Following on from this work, our school mantra that reflects our ethos is;  ‘we are individuals who belong to a diverse school community that celebrates difference’.  This believe permeates the corridors and classrooms of our school.
This term in assemblies students have revsited the importance of respecting and celebrating each and everyone’s differences and that any form of negative interaction where there is an imbalance of power must be reported and eradicated.  Each Head of Year will outline our collective vision for unity and success within each year group and across the whole school.
On the website there is also the opportunity to read some of the students work they created during the Anti-bullying week back in November. We had a huge amount of submissions for our competition and I am sure you will enjoy looking at the winning entries that have been complied into the Anti-Bullying e-book.  
Mr Sanderson
Assistant Principal – Ethos and Aspiration