Dress Code

Academy Dress Code, Mobile Phones, Smart Watches and other Electronic Devices

The academy has a dress code that all students are expected to follow. We feel that the way in which you dress reflects your commitment and enthusiasm for the ethos of the school. You can still express your individuality which we feel is the Dixons Difference.

There is an emphasis on being clean and tidy and students must appreciate that not all items of clothing are appropriate for a place of work. Students should recognise that conflict over the dress code is inappropriate. Our dress code is practical and allows a choice within very clear boundaries. The dress code applies both within school and on the journey to and from school. Students are expected to attend the Academy in business dress as would be appropriate in a professional environment to reflect a work rather than casual ethos. Judgment on correct dress will be at the discretion of any member of the Post-16 team and SMT. To avoid embarrassment or unnecessary cost, if you are in any doubt about a hairstyle, or the purchase of an item of clothing, you should speak with a member of the P16 team before going ahead. Students will be asked to rectify any hairstyle, or replace any clothing at their expense that is perceived to be unsuitable.

The following guidelines will apply:

* ID badges must be worn around the neck with the DCA Post-16 lanyard at all times

* Jewellery, including earrings, should be discrete.

* Tops/blouses/shirts/polo shirt/polo necks/v necks/turtle necks should be smart, modest and non-provocative, so should not show cleavage, have slits, cuts or be cropped.

* All trousers should be tailored (slim, classic, high waist, straight, bootleg etc.). This means sportswear, jogging, tracksuit bottoms, shorts any sort of denim, leather should not be worn.

* All skirts and dresses should be at least knee length (leggings can be worn underneath these)

* Shoes or boots must be formal and plain

* In cold weather smart jumpers, cardigans, blazers or pullover jumpers can be worn.

The following are not permitted:

* Clothing should not have inappropriate slogans or print, a slogan is deemed to be inappropriate if it may cause offence or conflict.

* No trainers, stilettoes, flip-flops, or backless sandals, high knee length boots.

* No hooded tops

* No excessive make-up.

* Hair should be appropriate to a place of work, i.e. no bizarre styles or colours.

* Coats and jackets MUST NOT be worn inside the building

* No T-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers with logos or ‘sports’ jumpers

* No leather clothing must be worn including jeans and jackets

* No hats or caps

To avoid embarrassment or unnecessary cost, if a student or parent is in any doubt about a hairstyle or the purchase of an item of clothing, they should speak with their Head of Year before going ahead. Students will be asked to rectify any hairstyle, or replace any clothing that is perceived to be unsuitable for school.

With reference to mobile phones, Smart Watches and other electronic devices, please note these items are allowed to be used in the Common Room only. Phones must be switched off and kept out of view at all other times. The only exception to this is students may use their mobile phone once to ring parents at the end of the Academy day at the Silver Tables Area. The camera function must not be used at any time as it may breach privacy rules and phones must not be taken into examinations.

Students may listen to music in the Common Room but they must use headphones. Headphones should not be visible when walking around the Academy. Smart watches are not allowed to be worn in the Academy.

Any student acting in breach of these guidelines will have the phone confiscated and passed to the appropriate Head of Year. On the first instance the phone will be returned at the end of the Academy day. For any further instances the phone will either be kept for a week in the Academy safe or have to be picked up by parents/carers following a discussion with the relevant Head of Year.

We welcome your co-operation in maintaining the smart appearance of Academy students.