Code of Conduct

A contractual agreement between the Post-16 student, parents/carers and the Academy will establish the following conditions:

·         All students will attend morning registration on time.

·     All students will attend all scheduled lessons unless prevented from doing so by ill health, injury or other reason agreed by the Academy in advance.  Students are asked to phone the Academy in the case of ill health before 8.30 am.  Students will self-certify illness immediately upon their return, if less than 7 days.

·         Deadlines for work to be completed, as negotiated between staff and student, will be met on time.

·         All students will be willing to undertake work experience, voluntary work and attend residentials.

·         Students will participate in the Enrichment Programme.

·         Students will take a full and active role in the Careers and Guidance Programme including the Centigrade Test and attending the UCAS Higher Education Fair.

·         When not in scheduled activities or lessons students should make effective use of time for private study.

·         Students must be available to teaching and tutorial staff during Academy hours and part-time work should not impinge on students’ availability.

·       Students should not leave the Academy until all lessons have been completed unless they have an unavoidable appointment elsewhere, which will have been authorised in advance by your Head of Year.

·         All students must purchase a locker at an annual rent cost of £5.00.  Coats and bags should be stored in lockers and not carried around the Academy.

·         All students will be asked to pay a deposit of £30.00 for library books and textbooks, which will be refunded on return of all Academy equipment.

·         All students should aim for excellent attendance (above 98%).

Students must understand that the following are non-negotiable:

·         Students must wear the ID badge provided by the Academy at all times whilst in the Academy

·         Gum should not be chewed in the Academy at any time.

·         Post-16 students are expected to dress in a way that reflects a working environment with the emphasis on being clean and tidy.  No one should dress in a way that might be provocative and all Post-16 students are expected to have the maturity to appreciate this (see Dress Code).

·         Although most students choose to dress smart but casually, there are occasions on which smart attire is necessary.

·         When in the Academy library Post-16 students should work silently.  There should be no socialising in the library.  The Post-16 Common Room should be used as a socialising area and it is the responsibility of all students to maintain a clean environment and treat it with respect.

·         Students should behave in a mature way in the Common Room and appreciate that this is part of a work environment.

·      Personal stereo systems are allowed but students should not walk around the Academy using them and should not share the earphones with other students when in the library.

·         Mobile phones should be switched off and out of sight at all times except in the Common Room.

·         Students are not allowed to park their cars in the Academy car park.

In addition the Academy expects all students to understand and comply with the ethos of Dixons City Academy, which can be described as having a shared aim to be humane and people-centred with an emphasis on self-discipline, commitment, motivation and success.  Mutual respect should operate at all times and at all levels.  This means that Post-16 students must behave respectfully towards students of all ages and all staff.  Students should display good manners and courtesy towards staff as the terms are commonly understood, e.g. in answering or asking questions or otherwise directing remarks towards staff.