Post 16 Agreement

The Academy emphasises the need to:
a) recognise the potential of all students, thus promoting self-esteem, high expectations and a sense of achievement
b) create an environment in which students are able to become mature and industrious, accepting responsibility for their own actions.

To achieve these aims there is the need for an effective partnership to be established between the student, their parents and the Academy.

The Academy Agreement:
• to provide a high standard of teaching and support
• to provide regular consultation with students
• to provide information evenings, parents' consultation days and interviews by appointment
• to provide detailed reports on the student's progress twice a year
• to monitor the student's academic progress at least once every 2 terms
• to guide the student in improving their personal organisation skills and time management
• to give the student experience of real work through work experience
• to guide the student in choosing and pursuing a suitable career
• to guide the student in pursuing further and higher education opportunities

The Student Agreement:
• to aim for excellent attendance (98% with a minimum of 95%)
• to be present and punctual at all registration periods
• to attend all scheduled lessons unless prevented from doing so by ill-health, injury or other reason agreed by your Head of Year in advance
• to make all medical and dental appointments or driving lessons for outside the Academy day
• to contact the Academy before 8.30 am to inform of intended absence through illness
• to self-certificate periods of illness of up to 7 days immediately on return to the Academy. Prolonged periods of absence through illness will require evidence of attendance at a GP surgery or hospital.
• to meet the deadlines for work to be handed in, properly completed
• to be willing to undertake work experience and residentials
• to make productive use of private study time
• to be available to staff throughout the Academy day and not undertake any paid employment during the Academy day
• to behave in a mature and responsible manner in all aspects of Academy life
• to comply with the Post-16 Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

The Parents Agreement:
• to work in partnership with the Academy in ensuring that the student achieves his or her potential
• to support the student in achieving at least the minimum attendance and punctuality targets
• to avoid taking the student out of the Academy during term time

It is understood that failure to keep this agreement may result in the student being placed on the Referral System. The ultimate sanction of this is asking the student to leave the Academy before completion of their course.