Message from the Principal

Dixons City Academy is a centre of educational excellence serving the whole community of Bradford. Our students meet and work together in a well-ordered and harmonious and happy community drawn from all cultures and backgrounds across the city. We believe that our students have a key role to play in the economic development and social regeneration of our city in the next decade and beyond.

Opening in 1990 as one of only fifteen City Technology Colleges across the country, Dixons City has been at the forefront of the Specialist Schools movement which now accounts for 85% of all secondary schools. As a City Academy from September 2005, we now work much more closely with the Local Authority and other local schools. Dixons is now an expanding brand and by September 2014, we will be part of a family of 6 schools, 2 primary and 4 secondary. Whilst positive collaboration and system leadership is now part of our culture and future, I am insistent that we retain our independence and our own unique culture. I am fully supported in this by both the Governing Body and the Executive Principal, Nick Weller.

We are a high-performing school which takes students of all abilities. Our success is built on the traditional values of hard work and respect in a contemporary hi-tech learning environment. We are a genuine learning community in which all students are challenged and stimulated, cared for and supported. Our performance is regularly rated among the top ten state schools nationally both for the grades that our students achieve and also for the 'distance that they travel' from entering Dixons City to gaining their GCSES.

Dixons is committed to the individual achievement of each student. We work hard to make a success of the three-way partnership between the school, the student and the family. Students here are closely monitored whilst enjoying the freedom to develop as young adults and take increasing responsibility for their own lives. We have a great emphasis on supporting students to become self-managing and independent learners. Our students share a strong sense of identity and ethos, and students are expected to have a great deal of pride in their school, this is nurtured by high-quality tutorial, guidance and personal development.

Dixons City Academy has always had a focus on a relentless drive for improvement; our staff are entirely student focused with a real 'can do' attitude. As a leadership team we believe in high-visibility and leading by example. We believe that the welfare and development of our staff is as important as that of our students and that you cannot have one without the other.

I am very proud to be the Principal of Dixons City Academy and have a healthy respect for its past as well as a keen eye on the present and the future. Dixons City is a very special place and its fast-paced positive feel is tangible from the moment you walk in the door. The staff here are highly professional and buy into the Dixons Difference. If you think you could too, then this may well be the place for you.

Shirley Watson