Gifted and Talented Award

DCA achieves the NACE Challenge Award
"Every space in the school is a learning space."

The Academy has recently been successfully assessed by the National Association for Able Children in Education and became only the 199th school in the country to achieve the Award. The assessors were scrutinising the level and scope of challenge offered across all the learning activities provided by the Academy. The above quote is taken from the final report.

The following comments are also taken from the report.

"The school is proud of its social and academic diversity and is committed to personalisation and meeting the needs of individual students including those identified as A, G&T. The Teaching and Learning Policy shows that there is an expectation throughout the school of high quality personalised, challenging teaching and learning with an emphasis on student motivation and aspiration. The school clearly identifies the need to adopt a range of learning styles and sets an expectation that students will be positively challenged in order to reach their full potential."

"The school makes very good and constructive use of resources. It has extensive multi-media resources to appropriately challenge AG&T students and the library is an outstanding example of how the school promotes independent learning."

"Students are continually self assessing their work, they are involved in self evaluation as part of their development and are constantly being asked to reflect on their work in order to take their thinking deeper and further. There is a high use of intellectual vocabulary being used at all levels"

"Teachers deliver high quality provision for their AG&T students. They consistently use AFL to enhance learning and ensure learning opportunities are built on and developed."

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