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Governors Register of Interests 2017/2018

Trust Register of Interests

The joint Governing Body of Dixons City and Dixons Kings Academy's includes:

Professor Grace Alderson
Mr John Bowers (Chair)
Mrs Carol Bowes
Mr Zamir Chaudhry 
Ms Sarah Clynes (Kings Teaching Staff)
Mr Martin Gaskin
Mr Tim Gilpin (Vice Chair) 
Mr Hareesh Kallambella
Mr Mike Feely (City Principal) 
Ms Susan May (City Support Staff) 
Mr Neil Miley (Kings Principal) 
Ms Shirley Watson (Exec Principal) 
Sir Nick Weller (CEO)

Academies are set up as companies limited by guarantee with charitable status. Each Academy is under the control of its governing body, which has a clearly defined strategic role in shaping its success.

Dixons City and Kings Academy’s governing body includes parent representatives, local community representatives, the principal and staff in an ex-officio capacity. All members of our governing body are appointed on the basis of the contribution that they will make to the school and have a legal duty to act only in the interest of the Academy.

The governing body of an Academy is accountable to the Secretary of State through the requirements of a Funding Agreement. The Funding Agreement requires the governing body to publish procedures of its meetings. As charitable companies, Academies must also prepare and file annual accounts with the Charity Commission, prepare an annual report for the Charity Commissioners, and ensure that their accounts are independently audited.

As an independent school, Dixons is set up as charitable company to give governors broader scope and responsibility for ethos, strategic direction and challenge.

Dixons Governors have the following responsibilities:

  • Employment of Academy staff
  • The appointment of the Principal
  • Administration of the Academy's finances
  • Authorisation of any appointments or changes to terms and conditions
  • Approval of policies and procedures
  • Click here to read the Academy's Schemes of Delegation.

If you wish to contact any of our Governors or, if you are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact Sehra Hassan, Clerk to the Governing Body, either by telephone: 01274 776777 or via e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mrs Carol Bowes
Mr Hareesh Kallambella