Exam Results & Targets

Year 11 Initial Performance Tables

Please find attached the initial GCSE Progress 8 from the DfE.  We are very pleased to see that our student results put us at least in the top 25% of schools in the country.  Once again, congratulations to students, staff and parents.

Summer Exam Timetable

Year 11 Exam Timetable

Provisional Progress8 scores will be reported in performance tables for the first time this term.  It will measure student progress across eight qualifications from age 11 to 16. Below is a video which explains how this is calculated, along with a video explaining the new GCSE grading system.


Please click here to view the provisional performance tables for 2016.

2017 Y11 Results
2017 Y13 Results

Whole Academy 2017 Targets (with 2016 national provisional)

2016 Y11 Results
2016 Y13 Results

2015 Overall Results
2015 Y11 Results
2015 Y13 Results

A letter regarding early entry / English discounting in performance tables from David Laws MP has been received recently.  Click here to read the letter and here to read the response from Shirley Watson, Principal.  
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2014 Results and 2015 Targets
2014 Subject Results with LoPs

2014 and Historical Results
Year 11 Class of 2014 Subject Results
Year 13 Class of 2014 Subject Results

Historical Results and 2014 Targets
Year 11 Class of 2013 Subject Results
Year 13 Class of 2013 Subject Results

Post-KS5 Student Destinations – 2015 Leavers