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Year 7 Internal Exam Timetable
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Cycle 2 assessment timetable Year 7
Cycle 2 assessment timetable Year 8

Year 11 Countdown to Exams, Revision & Easter Mocks
Students now have their Countdown Revision Planners to support their revision programme in the lead up to the final exams in the Summer. They should be using these to plan their and support their revision programme.  To help with that preparation there are some further mock exams in term 4 (week 3 and week 6) which will take place in the Sports Hall. Click here for the Easter Mock timetable.  See the ‘Revision and Resources’ section of the website with links to resources which will help with Revision.

Year 11 Easter Mocks Timetable
KS4 Curriculum and Choices Booklet

Information for Ex Dixons City Students intending to resit examinations
Dixons schools have now moved to a cashless system and this will include payments for resits.  Ex-students will still be able to put in requests to resit but all payments would need to be made via the Parent Pay system.  Initially students will need to complete a request form for which there will be an internal deadline. Students will need to meet this deadline to ensure that the Exam Office has enough time to set up the Parent Pay system, give students enough time to complete the payment, time to process the entry, send confirmation reports and meet the exam board deadline.

Information for student wanting to request remark of exam papers and access to scripts
Dixons schools have now moved to a cashless system and this will include any payments for reviews of marking and access to scripts.  Students will still be able to put in their requests for these services but all payments would need to be made via the Parent Pay system.  Initially students should speak to the examination officer about their request, they will be required to fill in a consent form and then the payment item will appear on Parent Pay.  Students should make themselves aware of the deadlines for remarks and access to scripts; giving enough time for the payment to be logged, payment made and request submitted to the exam board.

Latest Information from OFQUAL about remarks
An enquiry about a result should be a review of marking, not a ‘re-mark’
Ofqual’s research has shown that schools usually ask exam boards to check marks that are just below a boundary, so a small change in a mark can lead to a grade change, and potentially advantage students whose marks were reviewed over those that weren’t. By ensuring that marks are reviewed, only those marks that are the result of a genuine marking error not a difference in judgement will be changed, which will be fairer to all candidates.

Every year the school receives a large number of enquiries from parents/students asking if we accept external candidates for exams.  Dixons City Academy does not take any external candidates but will consider students who have attended the school in the past.  This statement is not a declaration that all external students will be accepted; it may depend on whether we can accommodate the examinations that are requested. AQA publishes a list on their website of the all the schools in this area that in principal accept external candidates.