Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund exists for the purpose of providing financial assistance to former students of Dixons City Academy, who wish to undergo a period of further study and/or training to enhance their skills and/or qualifications to improve their chances of securing employment.

Supported by Lord Kalms, Alumni funding is very generously donated to us from DSG international, the Academy's initial sponsors.

The basic criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • Full time attendance at the Academy for a minimum of 2 years
  • The individual must not be in full time paid employment during the period in question
  • The period of study/training must be directly related to the future career aspirations of the applicant and must clearly enhance employment prospects
  • Willingness to provide a formal written or oral presentation to the Academy on completion of the term of study

The maximum amount granted to any individual is £500, usually payable in two instalments of £250; the first payment to be paid immediately after the request is approved, the second to be claimed by the individual six months later, following confirmation that the course is still being attended.

To be considered for assistance you should write to the Principal, enclosing evidence from the institution that you have been offered and have taken up a place.